The Dario Pizza Cutter is probably the BEST PIZZA CUTTER you will have ever owned! This comfortable and practical utensil is easier to use than most pizza cutters as it requires less effort to cut the perfect pizza slice due to its unique design.

With a traditional style of handle cutter with a wheel blade on the end, you are required to use a firm downward force when cutting as the handle is in a different place from the actual rotating cutter blade. This is a less natural way to apply the pressure required to actually cut the pizza than with the Dario Pizza Cutter.

The Dario Pizza Cutter has been specifically designed to make it EASIER TO SLICE THE PERFECT PIZZA! By having the handle directly above the blade gives a more natural control over the movement when rolling the blade in the direction you want to make your slice. The other benefit of the unique design is that by using a palm grip handle, you will require less downward force when cutting your pizza!

This makes the Dario Pizza Cutter the perfect tool for almost anyone, and it is dishwasher safe!


Easy to Use

The pizza cutter is very easy to use as it has a large comfortable grip and the blade can be removed making cleaning easy.

Comfortable Palm Grip

Ergonomically designed, the cutter can fit comfortably into the palm of your hand where it feels natural when cutting your pizzas. The design gives you maximum control over what you’re doing and how you are doing it.

How to dismantle

The grey handle has a circle (hinge) on one side of the handle and a raised notch (grip for opening/closing) on the opposite side. Top remove the blade from the plastic handle, carefully grip the two raised notches on either side of the blade using your thumb and forefinger. On one side there is an arrow that says ‘Push’, this is the direction you push up and on the reverse side you will push down. The handle with then open in a scissor action and the blade will unclip itself.
Please be careful when removing/handling the blade – blades can cause injury and are very sharp!

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